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"look" by anton marrast.

cyndi lauper live in 1987. try and find something wrong with this performance.

pet shop boys - suburbia. live in 91. beautiful.

haim - if i could change your mind. directed by: warren fu. if this video doesn’t keep your attention all the way through, i’m convinced you’re an asshole.

concorde - sons

gorgeous and intense video.  directed by alexis beaumont and remi godin.

i will never forget the first time seeing mew perform “156” live.  they are one of the most mysterious and beautiful bands.

ibizious. i hate energy drinks. but i love this.


Douglas Coupland

"rap quotes".  awesome street art project from jay shell.


IMG: @mattstawski + oatmeal +17mm tilt shift; Cathedral Hike,  Death Valley, CA #photogang

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